What is the bizFerry?

BIZFERRY has a very intelligent & intuitive Search Engine to help you find the right services for your business quickly and easily.

This is my first visit to bizFerry. What should I do?

You can see “Take a Tour” or our “Help” menu.

 Password does not work?

 Please check you’re real using email and click the link to verify your free account, that you have entered the password correctly (uppercase, lowercase and numbers). If you are still having trouble connecting, go to the "Help" section.

I forgot my password, what is the next step?

Click on "Forgot Password" on the login page, which will allow you to reset it.

What equipment will I need to be able to do business electronically on either the “bizFerry” portal?

A computer and an Internet access.

If I don't have an Internet access, does this mean I can no longer do business with the “bizFerry”?

Not at all. You can make arrangements with your agent to act on your behalf.

<h5style="mso-bidi-font-weight: normal;">What is a “bizFerry” portal?

A portal is defined as an access point to World Wide Web. A portal is a combination of web pages, features and services which become a primary destination for users. The word was first used to describe the sites of popular Internet access providers or search engines such as AOL, MSN and Yahoo! At a later stage, the word “portal” evolved into something bigger covering business websites, where a corporate portal or enterprise information portal acts as a base for employees, customers, suppliers and other associates of a company to access corporate information and web services. A “bizFerry” portal is a distinct kind of website with features to conduct electronic business and manage significant parts of corporate business processes.

What benefits of having with “bizFerry” portal?

Today, “bizFerry” portals are not just a fancy idea! They are an absolute necessity for all enterprises of any shape and size. The advantages of having a quality “bizFerry” portal are massive. Implementation of a true high quality “bizFerry” portal could have immediate impact on company productivity.