bizFerry is your trusted destination for mutual profit through exchanging business information. It’s a fraternity site for solving your problems by finding a friendly company to supply your much needed products or provide your desired services. We serve you as the ambassador of your products to a huge number of customers through “Your Product Dashboard”. We care your concern for missing opportunities and thus we like to tap it with a cluster of services, like, Request for Quotation (RFQ) service, Tender Notification Service, Supply Request services etc. We are the merchant of friendship for mutual growth and development.

bizFerry has a very intelligent & intuitive Search Engine to help you find the right services for your business quickly and easily.


Our vision is to provide a business platform for extended cooperation by orchestrated collaboration in manufacturing, marketing, selling, trading, supply chain, product promotion & service promotion.


bizFerry will provide notification to companies that matches your desired products or services. It will help you choose your targeted companies for serving your need from a rich catalogue of categorized companies.


bizFerry will be your courier to send your Request for Quotation (RFQ) to related companies which matches your required products or services. You may also choose from the list of categorized companies.


bizFerry is the powerful and authoritative repository of TENDERS—both local & International, Contracts Awards, Request for Quotation (RFQ) Proposals, Solicitations & Tender Notices compiled from various sources like newspapers, Trade journals & the Internet. Our Daily Tender Notifications will reach your fingers touch distance as early as your morning tea.


bizFerry is your trusted Supply Chain Manager. Here you will find a group of suppliers of all the products you need for your business. You may knock any company you desire through customized mail service from bizFerry .


bizFerry is the ambassador of your products. Valued Members of bizFerry may promote their products in “Product Dashboard”. We will ferry your products to a large number of customers—both local and international.

Our Team

Md. Sanowarul Islam
Sumon Deb
Md. Shazahan
Md. Abdus Samad
Md. Hiron Mollik